Tube Fires

Have you struggled with how to get rid of those fabric roll cardboard tubes? The garbage collection wouldn’t take them. The trash collection wouldn’t take them. We tried folding them and sticking them in our trash bin but we had so many that we couldn’t fit them all in there along with our regular trash. We finally found a way to get rid of them at the same time as enjoying reaching the end of each fabric roll.

We have a fire pit in the back yard and love to sit out there on a cool night with a nice fire. We keep a stash of dry logs and sticks for those times when we want a nice classy fire. For those other times, we found that if we cut up the cardboard tubes to about 1′ to 2′ sections and lay them out like regular logs, they light quick, burn fast, and burn bright. We can go through a dozen tubes in no time. Once the fire gets going, set some tubes on end (standing vertical) and they become towering touches. Good times.